How are Silicon Wafers Made?

How are Silicon Wafers Made?

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These little wafers (no not the kind that you find in a Kit Kat bar) are some of the most powerful tools around when it comes to your electronics. The wafers are used to perform specific functions and help keep computers on track when it comes to performing their duties. While Silicon isn’t the only material that can be used in these wafers, it is the most common type, due to it being very common on Earth.

The very tiny yet very powerful wafers are made by a silicon wafer manufacturer from a process called Cxocharalski, which is where the material is basically formed into a crystal. This needs to be done in a clean environment and with special machines, but the long and short of it is that the material, which is Silicon, is melted down and a crystal is ‘grown’ without impurities.

It takes a while and needs to be done by a master, but it can be done and that’s how we get thousands of silicon wafers made every day. They are the items that turn sunlight into electricity for solar panels and make up the bulk of a solar panel’s construction. They also work in other electronics and circuits. But it’s safe to say that without them, solar panels just wouldn’t work the way they were intended too.

Circuits make the electronic world go round, and your phone and computer have many of these circuits inside of them, all of them needing silicon wafers to get the job done and do what you tell them to do. They can also be recycled, like other electronics, and new wafers can be made when they get damaged or destroyed through product testing or other factors.

Many people have gone their lives without knowing about these wafers, but they are more important than we realize.