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Liquid Flowing Pump Features

The industrial liquid flowing pump is utilized extensively for chemical processing work. Of course, liquiflo pumps are being applied to numerous other industries as well. Gear and centrifugal pumps are commonly used and the correct source and supply of these pumps should be backed up with technical support, particularly those business owners still acquainting themselves with its use.

Liquiflo chemical processing pumps manufactured and used are categorized as centrifugal and gear pumps. The effective use thereof is through localized technical support (as mentioned earlier). The manufactured products are designed to cope with challenging pumping applications that are characterized by high pressure environments, high viscosity and high temperatures. Along with the pumps being manufactured are its related parts and components, among which include relief valves.

liquiflo pumps

All manufactured products are already fully equipped for the benefit of the user. Key chemical applications accounted for include adhesives, coatings, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, hydrocarbon processing and textiles. Applications are also made to pulp and paper production, mining, water and waste water treatments, the fabrications of iron and steel and metal finishing work. All centrifugal pumps are sealed and magnetically coupled. The material alloy C is used during the manufacturing process.

Centrifugal pumps are designed to handle low flow applications and reward its users with low maintenance requirements. These pumps are suitable for dry pumping, slurries and high temperature environments. Heavy duty industrial gear pumps can manage flows of up to 225 PSI. They come in both sealed or gear drives. But standard gear pumps are designed to go only as far as 100 PSI, coming in a mag drive.

High pressure gear pumps are equipped with helical gears, relieved wear plates, as well as a sealed or mag drive. It is trusted that this brief intro to liquid flowing pumps has been of use to you.